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The 420 AWARDS is the marijuana themed Movie and Music Awards Show, which is held annually on April 20th. Our next 420 AWARDS event will be on 04-20-2020 at the Eclipse Theaters in Las Vegas, NV. Our last year's show opened to a full house at same venue.

Unlike other Awards Shows, 420 AWARDS combines both Movie and Music Awards, along with a variety of entertaining acts, to have something for everyone. This is also a Non-Political Awards Show, as our mission is to entertain the audience.

The 420 AWARDS Nominees and Winners are voted for via online poll. This keeps our hands clean, and it brings people together worldwide. The 2019 event received 1000's of votes. This year's voting is happening now on our website.


420 AWARDS is unique. There are no other Awards Shows like this, and we own the 420 genre, which is the fastest growing marketplace in America, perhaps in the world.

Our goal is to make 420 AWARDS the 4th largest Awards Show. We can't beat the Oscars or Golden Globes, but we can hurt the EMMYS, and I know we can beat the Tony's. 

In 2019, the Tony, the EMMYS, and the American Music Awards had their lowest TV ratings ever.  

In 2020, the GRAMMY'S voting system has been exposed as fraudulent, destroying their creditably.  So now is time for a takeover.  


Derek Savage is the creator of 420 AWARDS, and owns 100% of the Brand. Savage also writes, produces and directs the Shows.

Savage is mainly known as the creator of the popular COOL CAT Children's Brand, and he writes, produces and directs all Cool Cat films. The Cool Cat Brand consists of Movies, Clothing Line, and Book Series. Cool Cat's last feature starred Vivica A. Fox, Erik Estrada, Cynthia Rothrock, and Derek Savage. His next movie is "Cool Cat Stops a School Shooting".

Derek has been working in Hollywood since 1985, both in front and behind the camera, and maintains a high IMDB popularity rating.


This is a Simple Deal.  I'm looking for one, perhaps two investors total, to participate in this year's 420 AWARDS.  This is to help cover production costs.  Via an online poll, the perfect PPV streaming fee is $4.20, this way everyone can afford it, and my commission is $3.80 per stream.

We have Two Opportunities, both with PAYBACK on/or around MAY 20, 2020 - once money is received from the Live Streaming company. And the Streaming Revenue is astonishing:

10,000 Streamers = $38,000, 25,000 Streamers = $95,000,
50,000 Streamers = $190,000, 100,000 Streamers = $380,000,
250,000 Streamers = $950,000, 500,000 Streamers = $1,900,000


$10,000 investment x 25% = $2,500 - Total Payback $12,500 
"$10,000 investment has a Guaranteed Payback of $12,500 on/or around 05-20-20"


$25,000 Investment gets 25% of all Streaming Revenue
"All percentage of Streaming Revenue will be Paid on/or around 05-20-20"


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Medical Marijuana is a multi-Billion dollar industry, and it's becoming more mainstream everyday. And Now, the marijuana industry has its own Awards Show! The 420 AWARDS.


Celebrities equals free ink and PPV streamers, and at least Two Celebrities will be in the 420 AWARDS. We will be hiring a PR rep and bloggers to promote the Event, mainly Youtubers, and we'll be doing contests for 'Free Ticket' and 'Free Shirt' give-aways. We'll also be approaching local media as Vegas News loves Cannabis themed stories.

To secure the 420 AWARDS Brand, Derek Savage owns the copyrights, trademark, and following 
internet properties:
-Social Media-
twitter.com/420Awards - facebook.com/420Awards
instagram.com/420Awards - youtube.com/420AwardsShow

-Website Domain Properties-
420-Awards.com - StonersAwards.com
JointAwards.com - BluntAwards.com
420MovieAwards.com - 420MusicAward.com
StonersMovieAwards.com - StonersMusicAwards.com
MarijuanaMovieAwards.com - MarijuanaMusicAward.com
WeedMovieAwards.com - WeedMusicAwards.com
Watch the 04-20-19 Show on our website
Just think of the Oscars and Golden Globes, and how cool it'd be to be part of them from the beginning.
This is the 420 AWARDS.  If interested in 420 AWARDS investments, please contact us at:

420 Productions
Robert Bryant or Derek Savage



Paul De Lisle of Smashmouth
with their 420 AWARDS Trophy  

420 AWARDS - 2020 Event

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